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Until now, these powerful advertising channels were often expensive. However, today, advancements in technology have made them far more affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes.


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Precise Targeting

AdBIQ delivers your commercials only to your ideal customer. Who is planning to move? Or who lives within walking distance of your shop? Or Need to reach people who shops luxury goods? All of the advanced customer targeting that used to be limited to Internet ads is now available for TV advertising, too.

We Deliver Your Commercial

AdBiq provides access to the best networks and shows. Whether you prefer manual selection or algorithm-driven placement, our industry influence secures cost-effective ad slots. We collaborate with major streaming platforms, devices, and TV networks for extensive audience targeting.


Flexible TV / CTV / OTT Targeting

With Targeted TV, you can show your commercials only in the households most likely to buy from you. Target based on location, interests, buying behavior and more.

Age Targeting

Target audience by age group within the viewers.

State Targeting

Target audience by state with in the United States and Canada.

City Targeting

Target audience by city with in the United States and Canada.

Gender Targeting

Target audience by gender within the viewers.

Metro Zones Targeting

Target viewers by specific metro zone (aka DMA).

Socio-Demo Targeting

Target viewers based on their revenue, voting interests, etc.

Day Partying

Schedule ads for certain times of day or certain days of the week in order to more effectively target audience.

Streaming App Targeting

Don't limit your ads just to an ordnary TV, Target the streaming apps that your prospects watch the most.

Streaming Channel Targeting

Select from 600+ streaming channels you want to deliver your ads on.

Custom audience

Easily utilize segmented audience or third-party behavioral data audience.

Screen Targeting

Extend campaign delivery to engage audience on mobile and tablet screens, not limited to TV viewers


Rertarget your website or app audinece on local or national channels.

AdBIQ TV Advertising Agency
Harness the Power of TV for Maximum Exposure

We create TV campaigns for each segment of your targeted prospect audience to advertise products and services in efforts to efficiently engage new customers.

Benefit from the optimal big screen format and prestige of television, while precisely targeting audience segments in real-time.

Reach 80% of US Households. More than all the social platforms combined.

You can now direct your commercials to households most inclined to purchase your products. Customize your audience based on location, interests, purchasing habits, and beyond.

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